I’ve been trying to go for walkruns three to four times a week recently.  For the most part, I’ve been going strong on this for almost a month.  Can I get a “WHOOP! WHOOP!”?  There’s a park near the house I like to walk to with a pondish lake encircled by a walking path.  For me, this is perfect.  I do so much better exercising when I can be surrounded by nature rather than houses, or worse yet, skyscrapers.  I pass elderly neighbors and their dogs, listen to NPR and the BBC on my phone, and build up one massive sweat. A little bit of me time surrounded by trees I can’t even begin to name before heading home to work.  I have always had an infatuation with trees, but I find myself increasingly more distracted by these foreign breeds.  The contrast between the crisp green hues and the violently blue Floridian skies.  The pines with boughs shaped like snakes and palms that climb inexplicably closer to the heavens.  And then, there is always the refreshing shade they offer as I awkwardly jog past, perfect for a summer workout.