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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

moving in!

I write this on the day we found out we were leaving Cyprus, exactly a year ago.  If you have seen that year, I'd really like to know where it's gone!  I was working all last week and through the weekend, so Mr. F moved us in with the help of some friends from church.  Though I had seen a similar unit, I had not seen our new home until Sunday evening after Mr. F picked me up.  We dropped off a few more boxes and I took in my surroundings.  It instantly felt so different from the unit I had seen due to the chaos and I initially panicked.  But now?  Now I'm loving it!
I've been spending the week trying to dig through boxes that have been packed for a year at the minimum.  Weeding through memories and making sense of the chaos has been my agenda.  Slowly, but surely, things are coming together.

This post should really be titled, "Hey robbers!  Want a detailed inventory of everything I own? Here ya go!" because of the number of pictures.  As I keep finding treasures new (apparently we had a floor lamp hidden in our long-term storage) and old (family heirloom tea kettle), I want to document it all.  There have been moments of tears, especially as I opened my handmade baskets from Cyprus and sewing materials belonging to my Nana.  Memories I cherish have been waiting for me in these boxes, just waiting to be found again.

Included in this scavenger hunts were a plethora of llama rugs from Mr. F's time in Peru (finally figured out what to do with those!!) and his childhood boy scout uniform.  It reminded me of how much I still have to learn about my husband and how grateful I am for our time together.

Believe it or not, this is some SERIOUS progress!  By this point I could not only see the floor but the far wall AND I was able to move the sofa around.
The apartment is small, but just what we need.  For the first time we have an en suite bathroom, which feels rather glamorous, even if the finishes are not.  The kitchen is small, but functional, with a new stove (that can hold a turkey!) and new fridge.  It's been freshly painted and there are new carpets coverings the living and bed rooms.
I'm not going to lie, the closet is turning into one of my favorite spots in the flat.  Not because I have a lot of clothes (though I'm sure I have more than I need..) but because it has these glorious hardwood floors!  I'm sure those hardwoods are running throughout the apartment and were it not for the new carpet, I would be asking to rip everything up and bask in the wood.  On top of that, the closet is huge and is going to offer some much needed storage potential to our new home.

We have yet to spend a night in our new home.  Crazy, right?  But a blessing also.  The kitchen is totally bombarded with boxes still and our mattress rests against the wall as I search for our sheets. I know we have sheets, I just don't know what box they are in... It's like a grown-up version of "Where's Waldo?"
The living room is starting to come together, much to the chagrin of our tiny dining nook.  I have big plans for this tiny apartment.  The first of which is throwing out empty boxes and making a drop at Goodwill.  We've got some serious shelving operations going on to meet some much needed storage demands.  Lighting options, maybe a hand-painted drop cloth rug or two, and there might even be paint on the walls..still deciding on that one.  What do you think?  What colors would you use?  There's definitely some furniture overhauling to be done and the task of kitchen storage...oh, the kitchen storage.  That one is going to take some serious imagination.

If you're as riveted by this journey as I am, be sure to follow along on Instagram (@seewhatiseablog).  I'm posting pretty regularly when I'm at the apartment.


  1. I think you are doing VERY well for only a few days! We still have boxes in different places and we have been in our house for 7 months! :) Miss you!

    1. Hah! Thanks! I so wish I could come and help you nest. We need to catch up!