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Thursday, January 16, 2014

wuv, twoo wuv...

Happy Valentine's Day! Well, almost.  Somehow Valentine's Day always creeps up on me as I try to hold onto Christmas a little longer.  For example, my tree is still up.  Real tree.  And it's really not going anywhere anytime soon.  But isn't it such a welcome treat after the doldrums of post-holiday January?  A day to celebrate love and to indulge in candies and your favorite flowers?

I have very fond memories of Valentine's Day.  My mom and I have accumulated an ever-enlarging collection of heart ornaments.  When I was a girl, Kitty would hang them on a tree made of dowels in our living room.  Some were bright, others metal, and then my favorites were cloth.  Such a simple shape but with so many variations and the sheer volume of our collection on display, it was striking.

This year's collection of valentines is an homage to that tradition.  Hearts, hearts, and Anne Shirley (who taught me how to use my heart).  Love can be confused for so many things, but at its core is simplicity.  Respect, trust, faith, and admiration.  Not the dizzying convoluting shape of lust or envy.  No, love, as the poet writes, is an ever fixed mark.  Just like the geometric heart, it is unchanging, but powerful when shared with many.

This year, share your heart.  Whether it be with your very own Gilbert or the best friend who babysat your children so you could take a quiet bath.  Love,my dear friends, is for all of us.

gold hearts

candy hearts

 marble halls

marble halls 8x10 print on robin's egg blue.  also available in white

So share your love this year, with three new notecards and some wonderful art prints!

to order, email me or message me on facebook.  prices do not include shipping and handling.  please specify what card and quantity in your message.  marble halls print available in robin's egg blue or white.

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  1. Wow, I absolutely love your designs! They're simply beautiful. This is actually the first valentines day that I'll be spending single in years (post college grad breakups... waah) but I love what you said about giving a card to a friend... perhaps it'll be nice to explore my appreciation of others rather than just a boyfriend every year :)