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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

moving day

I woke up crazy early this morning, like three.  I was so anxious about today, making sure I packed everything that needed packing, wrapped everything that needed wrapping, and just generally didn't forget anything.  With great force, I slept until six, when I began taping up the last boxes in preparation for The Great Departure.  By eight, Mr. F was up and we were pretty much done.  We had time to go for a short drive and get cokes.  

For the past two weeks, I've been thinking I would be sad the day our stuff disappeared.  Let me tell you, I am anything but sad.  Relieved, excited, exhausted...mainly relieved.  In two short weeks we packed up our entire apartment, arranged an international move, sold our car, sold our mattress, donated our food storage, and a great many other things.  By the time the movers came, I was so excited for the boxes to be gone.

We leave on Friday morning, giving us tomorrow to tie up loose ends.  As the movers drive the van away, I'm laying on the sofa with a head full of naps rather than cleaning.  We'll finish everything else tomorrow.  Today, we celebrate everything we've accomplished in two weeks and we nap.

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