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Monday, February 11, 2013

cyprus monday: framing

On my "to do before we move" list was something rather unorthodox: get a few pieces framed.  This seems like something that could wait, especially given our now hasty departure from the island.  My urgency  for it, however, stemmed from the unbelievably low cost of the work.

Before we moved to Cyprus, I got this piece framed.  I splurged because it is a family heirloom and in delicate condition.  Had it not been for that, I would have waited and tried to jimmy rig something myself.  After some winking and schmoozing, the final cost was about $300.  I still get nauseous thinking about spending that much money on a framing job.

Fast forward to this morning when I picked up 3, count them 3, pieces of art from the frame shop.  The grand total was 70 euro, or about $90.  Each of the pieces I took in was a funny shape needing a custom frame.  Trust me, I tried to find a solution on my own.  Nothing was fitting or working.  Now, they are framed beautifully, preserving memories from our time here.  On top of that, I picked up the three pieces pictured above for a whopping total of 44 euros, already framed.  I did a serious happy dance walking out of the shop.  The only sad part of the day was wrapping them up and sticking them in a box until further notice.  Someday we will have some rockin awesome art to display!


On a side note, thank you to everyone for your notes, prayers, and messages this last week.  Saturday night and early Sunday morning were a definite low point for both of us.  While we still don't have any more answers, Monday brought all the hope I could have asked for.  Sometime in the next week or so, we will be back in the States, our apartment here packed up, and Cyprus a loving memory.  And that is more than okay.  I am learning a lot from this experience and hope to have time to share stories with you in the future.  For now just know that all is well, all is well...

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