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Sunday, February 17, 2013

adieu to mortimer

Mortimer den Tredje, my beautiful Christmas Cactus, committed suicide today and it was a blessed relief.  I had moved all of the plants out onto the patio until I can give them to my friends for safekeeping.  Mortimer was placed on a ledge with the others and when a gale burst through, toppled the three stories down to his concrete sidewalk doom.  I love that cactus dearly, but seeing him on the sidewalk, broken and shriveled relieved me of some of the responsibility currently placed on me.  I no longer need to find a home for Mortimer.  

As I tossed the cactus very unceremoniously into the dumpster, the full weight of an international move struck me.  No transplantation of beloved shrubs, no hoard of canned peppers, no furniture...  So much of your life on one continent must be forsaken in an effort to get through customs.  It's so odd to me..  I can't take my hairdryer, because it won't work at home.  Nor will my glue gun, oscillating fans, or lamps.  They all must be left.  The car cannot be shipped, bank accounts must be closed as currencies will no longer be the same.  We have to sell our mattress, as the measurements of it do not coincide with American beds.  Our sofa and table won't fit in the shipment halfway across the world.  We leave with almost exactly the same items we initially brought, with very few exceptions.  Very few..

I think Mortimer got the easy way out.  To everyone else it probably seems like we are leaving in haste, but to Mr. F and me, this move is progressing with the cumbersome, heavy pace of an iceberg pushing its way through the frozen ocean.  Ever so slowly our path home is being paved, but it feels like there are more obstacles than we know what to do with.  All we want, at this point, is to be home. Mortimer, I think, knew he had to go somewhere else and didn't want to deal with the hassle.  I can't say that I blame him..


written on Friday, 15 February


  1. I am in the same situation . What can I take what can I leave behind to give away to my friends what to donate. It is real hard. I am leaving in Haste also I have less than 2 weeks to pack up move and unpack in our new place. But i know with the lords help we will get through this. Any Idea where you are going. I will be moving to Illinois March 2

    1. It's horrific process that I wouldn't wish on anyone! I hope it went smoothly for you!

  2. its quite sad to think all the things that have made your home here are going to be left behind. but exciting that new beginnings await. good luck with the packing and the move. i hope you continue to blog from back home. p.s think i saw you in the mall last night. anothe close encounter.

  3. You inspire me, dear. Truly. I am impressed by your fabulous documentation of your move, and your grieving process--all of it! I want to be more adventurous like you, a better writer like you, and a better appreciator of beauty like you.