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Monday, January 14, 2013

cyprus monday: through the looking glass

Did I ever tell you that Mr. F lived in South America for a couple of years?  No? Well, he did!  He gets very nostalgic sometimes, remembering the people, the buildings, and all the rice and chicken.  Then he starts speaking purely in Spanish and I have no idea what's going on anymore.  Around this time of year, his nostalgia dwells on how strange it was being in the southern hemisphere, where fall is spring and winter, summer.  He never quite got accustomed to the idea of not just a warm but a hot Christmas.
While I have no southern hemisphere tales of my own, living here feels just as topsy turvy as I imagine  Mr. F's experiences in South America to have been.  While my friends and family back in the States begin shoveling their driveways, I am putting out pots of flowers on my patio.  The sun shines, and the whole island turns into the most glorious blanket of green, a far cry from the tufty down of a freshly fallen snow.  Fields of yellow wildflowers mark the distance between villages and lemon trees wilt under the weight of their fruit.  It is my favorite of all the seasons in Cyprus, when Mother Nature beckons you to see what she has created.

thanks to everyone who responded on facebook yesterday!  this post marks the beginning of the Cyprus Monday segment.  tune in on Mondays to catch glimpses of island scenery, how to navigate the grocery store, woes of the post office, and so much more from our time here in Cyprus.


  1. oh woes of the post office. I want to compare stories! x

    1. (: I'll have to figure out how to properly document it all...such a funny system for post here!

  2. Beautiful! I'm glad the sun is warm somewhere. :)

  3. Yay! And why yes, if the landscape is THIS pretty. Then man, watch out, I'm coming! x