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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

best christmas present ever.

I feel like I've been bombarding you with a lot of introspective, overly personal posts lately.  For some reason, I have been very contemplative and that has been reflected in my writing.  I hope you will indulge me yet again for a taste of everyday life.  No home decorating, no painting, no last minute day trips.  Just life.

When Mr. F and I got married, I brought with me a hefty amount of debt, in the form of credit cards and student loans.  Mr. F had none.  To date, some of our most strenuous debates have been about money and managing finances.  It's been hard on me emotionally knowing I brought this stressor to our relationship.  While I've never lived a gluttonous lifestyle, there was a time, ever so recently, where the only way I could put gas in my car, pay rent, or even feed myself was via credit.  Even while working numerous jobs, I was not making enough to cover basic needs, let alone pay anything down.

When we got married, Mr. F and I committed not only to each other but to getting out of credit card debt as soon as possible.  Rather than buying a sofa with wedding money, we used the bulk of the gifts we were offered to pay down debt.  And it felt good.  This process was hindered by both of us searching for work and two international moves.  Coordinating transatlantic payments was stressful, to say the very least.  Our parents served as liaisons for us and lending institutions, constantly supporting us to pay what we could and get out of debt.

I've had people ask me why we haven't been travelling around the region more or trying local restaurants or why I don't have a coffee table yet.  This is why.  Because we have wanted to get ourselves out of debt, not into more.  Our resources right now are finite and if we can't pay for it up front, we don't do it.   The little extra we had has been going to bills.

Well, as of yesterday, we are credit card debt free!  I kept bursting into tears throughout the afternoon for this blessing.  We're not even two years into our marriage and that burden is already gone.  Sure, there are still the student loans, but they don't scare us in the same way.  It is such a relief, blessing, and bearer of peace in our lives right now.  So it might look a little scant under the tree this year for us, but it was totally worth it to see all of the zeros lining up in a line.


  1. You guys Rock! You are rockers! We are proud of your growth and savvy. Merry Christmas. More good things are in your future...