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Friday, November 16, 2012

yuletide prints

Every year for Christmas, my mom would go all out.  Lights, wreaths, an eclectic collection of Santas, nativity sets, stockings, garlands.  The list goes on and on.  One thing she did that I have come to appreciate a great deal as I've grown up is change out the artwork in our home.  Nails remained in the walls, but family photos might be replaced with prints of the nativity or watercolors of freshly fallen snow.  She was always on the hunt for new pieces of art for the Christmas season to cozy up our home even more.

As I've begun decorating our new home, I've found a similar affinity for transient artwork in myself.  I'm hesitant to hang certain pieces until after the Christmas season because a wreath would look really wonderful on that wall or a snowy landscape.  I've also started placing my own work in frames in preparation to scatter throughout the apartment.  Happy trees and merry bulbs are just waiting for the end of Thanksgiving to make their debut.
This year I'm pleased to offer these works to you as well not only in notecard form, but as art pieces for your own home.  They are easy gifts to take to a party, white elephant exchange, or just to keep around.

4"x6" prints- $5
5"x7" prints- $10
8"x10" prints- $15*

To place order, email me.  And remember, December orders need to be placed by November 30th!
Holiday prints available are Joy, Christmas Bulbs, Merry Everything (purple tree), Green Christmas, and Tis the Season.  Please specify print, size, and quantity upon ordering.

*only the "joy" piece is available in 8x10 at this time.  sorry!

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  1. I love your christmas stuff!! the merry christmas with the tree is gorgeous