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Thursday, November 29, 2012

it's beginning to look a bit like christmas

Is it okay for Thankful Thursday to be entirely devoted to the holiday season?  I hope so, because that's what we're doing today.

This week I am grateful for...

The last week has been stuffed to capacity with holiday awesomeness.  First we had Thanksgiving, which was just wonderful.  I don't think I've told you about it yet, but really, it was great.  Mr. F was home with me all day.  The house smelled divine as we cooked, baked, and then subsequently barely ate anything because all we wanted to do was sleep.  Having my husband around for the whole day was amazing.  I just really, really like him.

Friday we had another Thanksgiving at church.  Our friends did the bulk of the cooking for this meal and I supplemented where I could.  (I finally learned how to make rolls...and they were glorious!)  Saturday was Christmas Craft Day with friends.  You just can't go wrong with something like that especially with this group of women.  Sunday we had a regional conference for church.  People from all over the island came together to worship and learn together for one day.  I really treasure these meetings because I get to see so many people whose faith and testimonies in our Savior strengthen me beyond measure.

Monday was Go Get As Many Pinecones As Possible and Turn Them Into Garland day.  My friends picked me up around eight in the morning and we went straight to a local park where we each stuffed bags full of freshly fallen pinecones.  My husband thinks I'm a crazy cat lady when it comes to pinecones.  I just think they're beautiful!  Then I came home and put those pinecones to good use, filling out inexpensive garlands and truly decking the halls. (Details of this coming soon!)

Christmas Errand Day (part 1 of who knows how many...) came on Tuesday.  It was long, it was stressful, but it was wonderful.  Picking up a few gifts and odds and ends for the season.  Plus a Coke..in a Santa can!!  I'll admit, the decorations available here are not my cup of tea, but I'm loving the new confidence I have with people.  I'm no longer as afraid of not being able to speak Greek and just talk to people in English.  I have met some really lovely Cypriots and even found a few more expats along the way.

Wednesday.  Wednesday may have been my favorite.  It's the day I really felt like Christmas came to our home.  It's everywhere and even better, it's what I had imagined.  And it's beautiful.  Mr. F came home from work and just smiled at the lights, garlands, and general ambience.  We curled up on the sofa together and just watched our Christmas tree twinkle. Such a quiet, wonderful moment.

I love Christmas.  I love how it warms up the home and brings people together.  I love how it celebrates the birth of the Savior of the World.  I love the window shopping, the parties, sending and receiving parcels and cards.  I love the food, the traditions, the willingness of others to bring joy to someone they barely know.

I love this season. And am so grateful for the joy it brings to my heart and the way it sustains me the whole year through.


  1. this weekend I am on a christmas mission - I want to bring christmas to our little apartment before I head off to London, although I guess thats when the real christmas feelings will start when im confronted with oxford street decorations instead of Makariou! :)

  2. Beautiful decorations - I love that wreath!!