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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

trick or treat

 Halloween doesn't exist here in Cyprus, so we had to make it for ourselves!  With some crepe paper from a friend, leaf garland, and some really good food, we had a great party this last weekend at church.


chips and homemade salsa
pigs in a blanket
tzatziki and fried pita
regular pita
mars bar rice treats

recipes to follow for some of these

In a land without fall, let alone Halloween, things like candy corn and Reese's pumpkins don't exist, so we had to improvise to make this fete as autumnal as possible.  I made sugar cookies that looked like candy corn, which tasted amazing!  In place of husks of indian corn covering the tables, we had hearty corn cakes.  And when there are no pumpkins to carve, you carve squash.  People were talking so much that we never got around to the carving, so Mr. F and I will just have to do that on our own.  

It was a really simple party, celebrating some of my favorite aspects of fall and indulging in the gluttony  and fun of Halloween. I love being able to put these parties together for church.  It gets my creative juices flowing as I try to figure out cost effective decorations and foods for larger numbers of people.  More than that, though, I love seeing how the work I put in brings people together.  Friends who would otherwise not have much chance of coming together due to work schedules can mingle for a few moments over a donut and a cup of apple juice.  And really, isn't bringing people together what parties are all about?

To all of you celebrating Halloween today, have fun!  I would love to see costume photos.  And to all of you on the eastern seaboard, stay safe! 

Happy Halloween!

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  1. you are a BRAVE woman to live in a world without Reeses Pumpkins ;)
    your PAR-TAY looks like it was FAB!!!! can't wait to steal some of your recipes!!!!