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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


{dress: ann taylor(old), belt: ann taylor(old), shoes: nordstrom rack, baubles: I wear the same ones all the time...I'm so lame...}

When Mr. F took photos of me quickly the other day, not one was in focus.  Not one.  So this is as good as it gets right now.  Personally, I kind of like the off-kilter nature of the images, but I'm also especially partial to the photographer, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

I wore this little number to our first ever Big Fat Greek Orthodox Baptism.  Some friends of ours had the CUTEST twins known to twindom and were kind enough to invite us to the celebrations.  Luckily we had another friend there to act as our cultural liaison because we were really in over our heads with a lot of it.  Even with the Ancient Greek, it was an unbelievably cool experience and I'm still humbled by the fact that we were able to share in the day.  Hoping to share a few photos from the day later on...it was just so cool!


  1. I LOVE this look! It is so simple yet it works on a lot of levels. Focus or not you look great!

  2. What a great experience and special to be a part of. Even with blurry photos, I can tell you looked great :)