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Friday, October 12, 2012

siga, siga

There's a phrase in Greek, one of the few that I've picked up, that I really love.  Siga, siga, people will say.    Siga, siga.  It means slowly, slowly and is exactly how I feel about the progress of our little apartment.  Day by day it looks more put together and feels more like home.  Were it not for the generosity of friends and family, we would not be as far along as we are now.  One friend gave me a new desk, which freed up my old one to be our table.  Then some other friends gave us three of their old chairs, which are absolutely perfect.  Then there's the armchair that needs some refinishing that my friend dumpster dived for, and last,  but definitely not least, the sofa, lovingly paid for by Mr. F's Nana.  

I cannot begin to express how big of an upgrade this apartment is for us.  Our former flat fits snugly into the living room and kitchen of our new home.  Then we still have two bedrooms and a spacious bathroom.  The fact I can leave my ironing board up and not trip over it still confuses me.  And can I just say that my little ironing nook is quickly turning into one of my favorite spaces in the apartment?  It's placed in front of the window where I can look over the hill behind our building.  There's the most wonderful breeze that comes rolling in that window.  If I had an old radio playing classical music and talk radio, I'd really be set.  But for now, this little nook is about as good as it gets for a girl who really loves to iron.

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  1. wow I hate ironing. But in your little nook, it doesnt sound so bad. Glad your finally feeling more settled. Siga Siga and it will all come together. The apartment looks gorgeous. I bet your happy about the drop in temperature huh. The mornings and evenings are even a bit "cold" or have I just been living in Cyprus too long haha. Il get a shock when I go to England for christmas. :)