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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Now that we have our own furniture and a bigger home, I find myself surrounded by all sorts of new design ideas for our living space.  I'm getting to know my tastes more and pinpointing exactly how I want my home to feel.  One thing I've noticed more than ever before is that I love white and neutrals.  I find myself craving natural textures and materials.  At the same time, I really love pops of color.  Splashes of surprise against the whites and khakis.  Okay, really I picture blues against the neutrals, but every so often there are other colors, too!  The love of neutrals also led to the love of the rustic, weather beaten appeal of old pieces.  Hutches with the paint peeling off them, wooden rocking chairs that creak with age and love.  I crave pieces with a backstory.  

With all of this information in hand, I began to approach Pinterest differently, scouring for small home, small budget appropriate designs for a rustic cottage.  With a modern kitchen.  (I love my kitchen, but it's so much more modern than I would have ever chosen...)  After much searching, here are some things I've fallen in love with and plan on trying to tackle variations of myself.  Feel free to remind me that these things need to get done, okay?  Okay, good.

{source, unknown.  found on pinterest.  if you know the original source, PLEASE let me know!}

My friend found me a chair very, very similar to this in a dumpster just before we moved.  I now have it in our living room with a white sheet covering the icky, go-nasty, dirty fabric until I can adequately tackle it.  I originally thought I'd paint the wood white but have since talked myself out of that and plan on just refinishing it in a dark stain.  I'm thinking a khaki colored canvas material for the seat, if I can ever find such a thing.  Throw some pillows with some color on there and bam!  We've got a look!


I may or may not have considered making my dress in stripes similar to this chair.  It was going to be beautiful, if I had actually been considering it..  Anyway, this chair encompasses so many things I love. Blue and white, stripes, comfort, a tailored look, and a straw hat.  Okay, the hat isn't  part of the chair, but still..  Anyway, I've found some fabrics in similar colors that I plan on making some throw pillows in to fill out our sofa and the dumpster dive chair.  Subtle pops of color and a whole lot of comfort.


How wonderful is this table?  This is what I want our dining table to look like.  Rough, utilitarian, and solid.  Our table is rough and marginally solid, as any good little Ikea table should be.  It's my former desk, which I had painted white.  I'm in the process of sanding it down to natural wood, which takes a lot longer without a) muscles, and b) power tools.  My real dream for our table is to convert it into a farmhouse table.  Sand it down all the way then add wide planks of distressed wood to the top.  Yet again, I think I'll need some power tools to get the planks to stabilize properly.  After that, it's a matter of finding a stain or wax to give the wood the distressed, worn in look I'm going after.


We still need a coffee table.  I'm torn between a trunk from Ikea or getting a basic table and covering it with rope in a fashion similar to this.  I really love the look of baskets, the rough textures in combination with the soft shapes.  While I can't afford a table with a really killer shape, I can afford to get a cheap, functional table and make it look more basket like.  I'm still considering a jute rug, so this project might get nixed.  But I will find something to cover in rope and twine, mark my words!


There's not really a project affiliated with this, just the feel.  Woody comfort.  And tulips.  What's not to love about tulips?  In a lighter, brighter atmosphere, this is the tone I hope to create in our apartment.

In between these projects, there are some magnet boards, maybe some shelf painting, dining chair refinishing, and all sorts of  other "ings" going on.   Slowly, slowly things will come together...


  1. I love the first two pictures. They are totally my style!!!

    1. Those two are my favorite as well and my main source of inspiration for the flat.