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Monday, October 29, 2012

ode to the silhouette

I am not a scrapbooker.  My idea of scrapbooking involves colored pencils and illustrating  a would-be children's book.  My friend, however, is.  She's got some of the coolest gadgets and doohickeys this scrapbooking illiterate girl has ever seen!  Over the summer, she acquired a Silhouette machine.  She was excited.  I was confused.

Well, let me tell you, my confusion is gone.  That thing is the COOLEST!  She let me come over for hours the other day so we could let the machine cut out page after page of leaves for me to use for a party this weekend.  The only reason it took us hours is because we kept talking.  Lots.  It was fun.  She showed me a couple other projects she's working on with her new toy and I've about decided to move into her craft room.  It's so cool!
Anyway, with my bag of leaves in hand, I suddenly had ample ammunition for a fall project, not just table sprinkles.  Insert the fall garland. {Cue band with cheesy intro music.}  Since the leaves are made of scrapbook paper, all I had to do was run a few basic stitches with a needle and thread through each leaf and presto chango, we've got a garland!  I love me a garland..so much...

I decided to keep the stich loose so I can maybe use the leaves later and make a wreath out of them.  Options, options...  If you're not as indecisive as me and actually own one, I suggest running the leaves through a sewing machine for a more stable, but fluid, hold.

Now I'm just waiting for this party to be over so I can bring these leaves home, hang them, and pretend it's actually fall here and not 90-degrees.  sigh...  Might be time for another trip to the mountains.