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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

new horizons

We moved barely ten minutes away, but for some reason it feels like we might as well be living on the moon.  Our new neighborhood is so very different from the city center, where we were before, and I find myself marveling at how different everything looks to me now.  We are now in more of traditional Cypriot village community, with the convenience of being close to downtown, and more importantly, Ikea.  When we were living in the city, it felt like we were living in any city.  The only giveaway typically that we were somewhere different was the call of the minarets from the northern side of Cyprus.  

Sadly, we don't hear the minarets anymore.  But it actually feels like we live in Cyprus now.  About a block away is a local school.  I can hear the bells ringing for classes and lunch throughout the day.  There's a church near and as much as I miss the minarets, I will never get sick of those bells ringing from their Greek Orthodox tower.  Mass here is really early, so usually I'll wake up at about six to the church welcoming local parishioners.  One day I'd really love to go..  Outside of one of our windows is a thick palm tree with a lush, red bougainvillea bush growing through it.  Out another window I can watch my neighbor in her yard hanging laundry and tending her plants.  As Rear Window as that sounds, I love the glimpse into the life of locals.

Even though we've been here a year, I suddenly feel like I'm getting to know the real Cyprus.  Through the local bakery, galleries, neighbors, all of it.  And what a glorious view it is...


  1. How cool! Remind me to chat with you about ordering some Christmas cards....

  2. Great photographs. We live pretty close to the city centre, but far enough away to not feel the affects of inner city life.