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Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Slowly but surely our home is coming together.  I feel like it's taking me forever because I can't just put things away, I have to find the perfect spot.  This process is compounded by our hefty lot of food storage which we moved over with us.  Some might look at it and think I'm a crazy coupon lady, but to me it is a comfort and a blessing and my way of feeding our little family in really rough spot.  This food storage somehow fit into our itty, bitty, teensy, weensy apartment thanks to an abundance of plastic storage bins stacked awkwardly throughout.  Now that we have more space, I am bound and determined that those bins will not be used.  Everything will have a place in a cupboard or basket, so help me!  But since we can't afford more furniture at the moment, it's still a work in progress and the bins are still scattered throughout my living room.

Speaking of furniture, we bought our first bed over the weekend!  We spent our first night in the new place on Friday and didn't have the best night's sleep on our little air mattress.  Our day was filled with a lot of cleaning, church responsibilities, and just a whole lot of other stuff on Saturday.  By the time we were "free" and we had a returned deposit check in our hands, Mr. F was convinced that we would be buying a mattress then and there.

Sure enough, we went to Ikea for dinner and left with a mattress.  Sort of.  See, the bed we liked wasn't in stock in a queen size.  Mr. F being extremely exhausted and even more in love with this bed was not willing to wait the month it would take for the desired mattress to make its way to the Cyprus store.  So he bought the king size.  Which he was convinced he could strap to the top of our little Mazda and take home and sleep on that night.  To say it was too big is an understatement.  I laughed and let my sweet, sleep deprived husband come to that realization on this own before I went back in the store to see if they could deliver the mattress to us.  They could, for cheap, and we'd have it on Monday.  Done, done, and done.  

Now we have a mattress, some shelves, and that's about it!  But I'm really loving it.  This little home of ours is going to take awhile to put together.  We can't afford all the furniture we'd really like, let alone stuff that would be really handy right now, but that's okay.  We have a beautiful apartment and thanks to our Father in Heaven, our meager finances are stretching far enough to take care of all the extra expenses we're dealing with.  So as much as I would love a coffee table, I'm just so grateful to have a home that I can wait a little bit longer.

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  1. I am exactly the same. Everything must have its place. when we first moved to cyprus and moved into our flat (we stayed with my boyfriends grandma for a month at first) I hate living with nothing, and everything in disorder. But slowly and we got there. Now we are in our second apartment and nearly everything has its place. despite my boyfriend trying to cause chaos! :)