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Monday, October 22, 2012


A couple of weekends ago, Mr. F and I played hookie from just about everything and ran away to the mountains.  Our mental health thanked us for the hiatus.  Have you ever noticed how refreshing it can be to get out of town?  Not even a vacation, just a day.  A drive to somewhere just outside of your normal sphere and suddenly it's a breath of fresh air.  I love days like that and wish we had more time for them.  Just hopping in the car and exploring.

This certain Saturday, we ran to the mountains, chasing every ounce of fall this island has to offer.  We weren't disappointed.  Thick blankets of pinecones, drizzling rain, thunderstorms, changing leaves, gushing streams.  While Mr. F really just needed a day off from work, I needed a change of pace.  I needed the trees and the cold and the wet and the trees...oh, how I love trees!  They're so inviting and friendly.  I keep waiting for the weather in the valley to mirror that day in the mountains.  The change of season is slowly coming, but my midwestern heart is ready for some sweaters and a pair of jeans.

On a different but related note, one of the mountains on Cyprus is called Mount Olympus, you know, like the home of the Gods?  Well, we were driving up this specific peak during the rain storm when a bolt  of lightning struck directly in front of us.  Mr. F may or may not have driven the car in reverse the entire way back down the mountain muttering, "Sorry, Zeus...sorry..."  I thought it was really funny, Mr. F?  He never wants to come that close to lightning again.


  1. The thunderstorms here are nothing like I have ever experienced living in little old London. And I have to say I dont share your passion for the impending rainy season, but my oh my I cant wait to wear jeans, boots, jumpers and big chunky knit scarf.

  2. jealous!!!!!!! i LOVE those kind of getaways!!! they're just the right amount of refreshment from the real world.

  3. HAHA! Sorry, me and Jeff literally laughed out loud. That is indeed scary and I probably would have peed my pants but I love Mr. F's reaction and I can totally picture it! I love you guys!