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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Coming back to Cyprus was not what I was planning it would be.  I thought I would just come back, pack up our little flat, move into the new one, and carry on with the life we've established here.  But it's not working that way. 

I have been more homesick in this last week than I have been the entire time we've been overseas.  So much more longing for family, familiar things, and company.  Thank GOODNESS for my wonderful friends here.  Not only have they helped us move most of our things, they've met me for chats, gone out running errands, and have just in general been there for me.  They are filling my days and heart with the companionship I had grown so accustomed to during my month at home.

To top it off, life is just coming at us right now.  When I thought about our move, I had planned on increased expenses for setting up utilities (deposits are more substantial when you are not a Cypriot national), furniture (we don't have a bed...), and take out while we transition.  In stead, my financial worries have been focused on endless car repairs, a new passport for Mr. F so we can renew our visas, fines for laws we didn't know about as non-Cypriots, and furniture.  (We still don't have a bed...)

And I'm having a hard time saying goodbye to this apartment.  I really am.  Not only is it our first home in Cyprus, it's our first home.  Before this, Mr. F and I lived with family and some rather gracious friends.  Our itty, bitty flat was the first place to truly be ours.  We keep getting delayed with the final move-in date for the new place.  When I'm there, I am so eager for the next steps we'll take together there.  But then we come back here and it's harder to go away again.

So right now it's just one of those times where I really love living overseas, but I'd be perfectly content having home be a little bit closer.  

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  1. oh I feel your pain. Im am truly lucky to have number of my boyfriends Cypriot family to guide me through many things that i just dont get (those utility deposits are a killer!!) but nevertheless being in a foreign land, no matter how long you have been here is still difficult. positive thinking will do you a world of good and you will soon be settled in your new home. post trip blues are a bummer but at least the sunshine can keep us semi-smiling :)