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Wednesday, August 01, 2012


{glasses: faux ban, dress: target, belt: stradivarius, sandals: h&m, baubles: gifts}

It was one of those kind of days.  Ya know?  The kind of day where if you explain any of it to any other person, you just sound whiny.  Nothing horrible happened, just meh.  The fact that I got up, dressed, showered, and hair dried in time to take Mr. F to work this morning is nothing short of miraculous.  The fact that my hair ended up in an incredibly sloppy, skiwampus bun is not at all surprising.  But the real treat to all of this?  When I picked up Mr. F this afternoon, he had the biggest smile on his face reserved just for me.  While today wasn't my favorite kind of day, getting to enjoy my favorite kind of smile on my guy made it all worthwhile. 

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