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Tuesday, August 07, 2012


My grandmother passed away a year ago June, just before Mr. F and I left for Germany.  To say her death was sudden is an understatement.  She was healthy and celebrating her birthday, then the next day she was gone.

Being the mother of eight boys in a rural community, she had to get creative with making their budget stretch from paycheck to paycheck.  One thing she did was make all of the clothing and linens.  When grandchildren came, she continued this tradition, sewing up a storm for each new addition to her family.  I have so many memories of watching my grandmother at the sewing machine, piecing together Halloween costumes and quilts.  And when the time came, she even helped make my wedding dress.  It makes me sad that I am the only one of my cousins who will be able to have that experience.

I think of her very often.  Strangely this very foreign land has helped me rekindle my bond with my Nana.  I have had to learn how to be self sufficient and how to make things on my own, a skill I always took for granted in her.  I came here with snippets of fabric from her closet which have been my inspiration for the past year.  I wanted to make something like she did; take dissimilar elements and have them come together harmoniously.  I wanted to stitch something together.

I put the final dab of paint on this piece last night.  I erased all the pencil lines I could then just stood back.  It's done, I thought.  It is very much so an homage to my Nana.  To the fabrics she would use, the things she made for her family, and the legacy she left behind.  While it is not yet a completed project, every day it gets closer to the product I had in mind.  It's something beautiful that I made from the love of my grandmother and my family.  And in a few weeks, I hope I will be able to share it with you, too.


  1. It is beautiful! Can't wait to see te finished project! That is so cool that your grandma helped make your wedding dress.

  2. This is absolutely stunning!! I think things are even more beautiful when they stand for/mean something, and this obviously does for you.
    You should be really proud of this- it's breathtaking!:)

    I love your blog!

    Sydney / southernstylin.blogspot.com