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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

just so you know...

We're moving!!!

Remember that sweet beyond sa-weet apartment we found awhile ago?  Well, we got it!  Now I'm stocking up on 3M hooks (how awesome are those things??) and new sheets while I am still in the States.  We move pretty quickly after I get back to Cyprus so Mr. F is doing some preliminary packing without me.  Know what I'm really excited about with this place?  We get to furnish it ourselves.  That means that we get to choose what kind of sofa we have or the look of the dining room table.  No comes-with-the-place furniture.  Just whatever we like (and can afford..).  For awhile we'll probably just have an empty floor in the living room.  But I gotta tell ya, I'm even excited for that.  Putting together a home one piece at a time.


  1. it is so nice to have your own things in your own apartment. I have lived in lots of furnished apartments while living abroad and after a while I just want my OWN things, good luck with the move!!

  2. Congratulations on getting it! :) I can't wait to have an unfurished apartment and actually make a place my own. Sigh. Someday!


  3. How exciting! Where in the city is it? Oh when we were looking for apartments in Nicosia I was totally put off by the comes-with-the-apartment furniture, but in the end we had to make some compromises - the sensible part of me realised we couldn't afford to rent and furnish an entire apartment after moving 1 month earlier from London with nothing but some small savings.

    At least you wont have the huge task of packing when you return to the sweaty island - you man will have had a head start.