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Monday, August 13, 2012

best layover ever

Somehow we won the layover lottery on our trip back to the States and found ourselves with nearly seven hours to play in Frankfurt.  The trips between the US and Cyprus take a MINIMUM of 20 hours and usually entail some serious running between customs and your next flight.  So to have enough time to make it leisurely through customs and then to step out of the airport to breathe some fresh air was just a huge blessing.

The only other time either of us had been to Frankfurt was last September when we took an impromptu trip to the LDS temple in the northern suburbs.  This time we got to go downtown.  We took the train from the airport and found ourselves in the center.  It was wonderfully refreshing to see how familiar and comfortable the German culture still felt to us.  We walked aimlessly along the Rhine, ate a breakfast of brotchen and yogurt, and soaked in the cool breeze of a German summer.  By the time we got back to the airport, it felt like we had enjoyed a mini vacation in the middle of our trip. It was a great visit and made me miss Europe all the more.

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  1. Wow and I get bored on the 4 and half hours back to England. I cant imagine 20 hours of travelling. Nice to have a mini city break in between though! :)