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Thursday, July 12, 2012

why i paint

watermelon / thank you / yellow boat / whale of a birthday

Have I ever shared with you how much I love creating things?  I like seeing the potential in inanimate objects.  I live for the feeling of a pencil in my hand as it glides across a fresh piece of paper.  The joy I get when the product matches my imagination just can't be described.  When we moved to Cyprus, we knew full well that the chances of me being able to find a job were slim to none.  The immigration process is hard enough here without adding a job search on top of it.  So when we got here, once again I had to get creative.  I had to find a way to fill my time while I tried to make friends and if I could make a little extra money, all the better.  The result was the development of this blog and an influx of painting and creating that I haven't had time for since I was very young.

It's been nearly a year and as I look back at the pieces I've created, I can see the evolution of my life as I find myself on this little island.  I can see the comfort I feel here, the friendships made, the growth and strength of my marriage, and a sincere love for where I am in life.

This most recent batch of new additions have been in the works for a few months, inspired by hot summer days and family.  These four cards are now for sale and it makes me sad that I haven't shared them with you already.  Mainly because, were it not for you, I would not still be creating these little notecards that are bringing me so much joy.  Thank you for your continuous support on this crazy journey as I figure out life on the other side of the world.

For information about sizes, pricing, ordering, and everything in between,  click here or email me for further information.

watermelon image also available in a 5x7 or 8x10 print


  1. i'm so glad you paint! because i just LOVE your sweet products :) {ps - i got my stuff from you!!!! IN LOVE}

    1. So glad you like it! I had such fun working on that M (:

  2. Your life sounds wonderful. I'm sure you have not so wonderful moments too though. And I totally get what you mean by that feeling you get when your pencil glides across a fresh piece of paper. I love when I unwrap a new canvas and open my paints and make the first brushstroke! Thanks for sharing!