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Monday, July 30, 2012


Have you ever gone house hunting?  It's a tedious process. Realtors, dirty units, out of the way locations, loud neighbors, and then suddenly, you find a home.  You don't see another apartment, you see where your sofa will be placed and how nicely your bookshelves would look in the room by the windows.  You see floral arrangements and how nice your artwork would look on the walls. We found that today, after searching for a few months now for a new abode.  A two-bedroom apartment with covered parking, extra storage, built in cabinets in the master bedroom, large living space, a patio, quiet neighborhood, and the biggest fridge I've seen in Cyprus.  I instantly started decorating, picking out furniture, placing rugs.  Oh, it was fun.  And I started thinking of all of the things I could stuff in the GIANT (compared to ours..) freezer.  So many options, so many dreams, so much hope that it will actually be ours.  Cross your fingers for us, will ya?  

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  1. OOOOH What a gorgeous apartment. I want to live there. Oh man we had so many hassles finding something affordable, modern, located perfectly (since I dont drive) and without loud neighbours and no hideous old school Cyprus decor. Congrats on the new abode! I see a new decorating project coming on!! :)