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Thursday, July 26, 2012

cypriot sun

I may or may not be a borderline hermit.  The thing is, I like being home.  When I'm away from it, I miss it.  And with as hot as it has been this summer, I've found myself hunkering down at home more than usual save for trips to the grocery store and the occasional coffee morning (where I discovered iced hot chocolate!) with friends.  But this last week I was stripped from home with a babysitting job.  Since we only have one car, and I'm not so good with buses (I'll explain another day...), I took Mr. F to work every day and then picked him up in the evenings when I was done working.

Those drives were my favorite part of the days.

Mr. F works a little way out of the city, far enough out to breathe in the contented sigh of open space.  I could see the Troodos mountains, the whole valley, and wide, clear skies.  And if Mr. F worked late enough, I got to see the tinge of sunset.  I have probably seen thousands of sunsets and sunrises in my life but they still get me every time.  The world absolutely changes as the sun nears the horizon, especially here.  Here the sun is blistering and stifling during the day.  But as it flirts with the edge of the world, it's a playful chum, a giggling golden muse sprinkling life and joy and color.  It makes Cyprus glow.

I might be a hermit, but after this last week, I am appreciating the merits of getting out of the house more often.  Open space, sunsets, and mountains.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Thanks a lot for stopping by and commenting dear!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  2. Love those photographs. My boyfriends granny lives just outside the city and we get an amazing view of the mountains and the valley at sunset - its an awesome view!