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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

an ode to the maxi skirt

 {linen shirt: gap(thrifted), tank: target, belt: stradivarius, skirt: nordstrom, sandals: h&m, glasses: local shop, baubles: gifts, earrings: target}

I love this skirt.  I wear it all the time.  It's my go-to hot weather piece.  I feel dressed up enough to go out in it but it's cool enough that I don't perspire through everything in the first five minutes.  What I'm really enjoying is the straight cut.   I'm a girl with a partiality to trim, tailored pieces like pencil skirts and oxford blouses, so floofy, frilly summer skirts really don't ever do it for me.  The simple lines of my floral maxi really work for me though.  And..it's cotton!  It breathes!  Oh, glorious, glorious cotton, let me sing thy praise!  Now that I have the skirt I need to invest in starch so I can get my collar to stand up straight again...

Also, wanted to give a quick thank you to everyone who stopped by last week from The Pleated Poppy.  I was absolutely overwhelmed by your sweet comments and response to my ensembles.  You're lovely and I hope we get to see even more of each other!


  1. The maxi skirt is great! I love the floral with the chambray top. Looks perfect for Summer!

    <3 Daryl
    Roots, Wings & Other Things.

  2. LOVE {love, love, love, etc....} that skirt!!!! sweetlemonade is it fabulous! and of course, you look fabulous in it. {and if you're lookin' for some folks to join in on your cotton-praising singin' i'm RIGHT there with you!}

  3. That is a very fun-print maxi skirt! Easy pieces are always welcome in the summer time! I usually stick with dresses, that way I don't have to pick out a top, too...completely lazy, I know!

  4. You look so cute, I love this outfit! And I love the way you wore your chambray shirt, I am gonna have to use this! Stopping by from the Pleated POppy, nice to meet you!

  5. What a beautiful print on that maxi! I am following you!!

  6. THAT is a beautiful maxi. I love the print. Looks great on you.

  7. Just found your blog through The Pleated Poppy! I love that maxi skirt! I need to get in on that action! I've been wanting one for summer!

  8. Cute look! I can see why this skirt is your go to. The chambray shirt looks great knotted!



  9. I love that skirt too! Have a beautiful weekend! :-)

  10. Love this! I am so loving the the denim and floral! LOVE! I'm now following you here and on FB!