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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

what i wore sunday edition

I admit it.  I read a fair number of fashion blogs.  They're fun!  Girls my age wearing some fantastic outfits and some really high heels.  They have daily photos of their perfectly coordinated, accessorized, sponsored outfits.  I can't get enough of the pastel skinnies and flowing blouses!  All of those photos have left me daydreaming of a life where I wear stilettos without worrying about blisters or tripping as I try to avoid an oncoming scooter.  How fun would it be to take note of the days you really look good?  You know, document the days you put in extra effort or something just works out the right way with your hair and you can't help but strut around a bit?

Well, this is as good as it got for me.  I looked good Sunday morning for church, like goooood.  Navy blue pencil skirt, white tunic blouse, jade necklace.  Man,  it was a dream.  I was a swaggering fool I felt so good!  What do you get a picture of? Me at the end of a long walk, covered in dirt wearing knock-off Birkenstocks, crazy baggy thrifted shorts and holding a Snapple.  No heels, no baubles, just the first traces of sunset and a girl who was really happy to not have an afternoon full of meetings and time to spend with her husband.  While I loved feeling sassy for a little while that morning, the pure joy of a spring afternoon with Mr. F is something I want to remember a lot longer than a pencil skirt.

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  1. This is a great post! Such a good thought. I personally enjoy recording my outfits because I love the process of pairing together the right items and finding something that I feel good in. I also love doing posts like these - just like you said, sometimes Id rather remember a certain afternoon instead of the outfit I wore.