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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

the new duct tape

hot glue is becoming my cure-all for home improvement projects.  a frame breaks?  hot glue.  wobbly chair? hot glue.  but this has got to be my favorite hot glue use to date.

this is our silverware tray.  it was the cheapest one our IKEA had available when we moved in.  I snagged it and have been using it ever since.  it fit perfectly except for one thing; it slid back into the drawer.  not a huge deal, but with all the sliding, it cut back on the space I could use in the drawer behind the tray.

enter hot glue.
one day while I was taking an afternoon break and polishing my silverware (yes, that is a break for me...I find it relaxing.) I realized the tray was empty for the first time in awhile.  I snagged it, flipped it over, and dabbed on dollops of hot glue to the four corners of the tray and a few staggered around the middle.  I let it dry while I finished polishing.  when I put it back in, guess what?  no more sliding!  it stays in place!  plus it saved me a few bucks since I didn't have to go buy one of those non-slip pads for the drawer. geen-yus!  I'm a big fan of cheap options to make life a bit easier.

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