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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

mortimus maximus

Before you keep reading, you need to understand a few things.  First, I love Chirstmas cacti.  It's a deep, abiding love that only me and the cacti understand.  Second, the first cactus I ever owned was named Mortimer.  I had to leave him behind in Provo when I moved to Columbus.  It still hurts to talk about it.  Thirdly, the next cactus I owned was purchased for me by Kitty and The Tall Guy. It was the saddest, loneliest little thing that ever tried to live in a cold, dreary Ohio.  I loved it so.  It's name was also Mortimer and it now dwells in Florida, where I had to leave it when we moved here.  Fourthly, I was convinced when we moved to a desert island that cacti would grow well and that a new Christmas cactus would be fairly easy to come by.

With that preface taken care of, I am pleased to introduce you to....

Mortimer the Third.

I went to a new (to me) DIY store today during my I-have-the-car-today-I have-to-go-everywhere bout of errands.  I was nearly through the gardening department when these scraggly little stems caught my eye.  Mortimer! I thought, You found me! And it was love.  And he was mine.  And I've brought him home, though I think he fits rather nicely in the cup holder in Peggy Sue.  But he's home now, needing a pot, but definitely not needing a name.  He's Mortimer.  And after seven months on this island, I finally found him.


  1. Mortimer Deux is alive and thriving in FL...

  2. Mortimer Deaux is thriving in FL...He watches the grill for me...