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Sunday, May 13, 2012

happy mother's day!

Dear Nana, 

First Mother's Day without you.  So weird.  I've been thinking about you a lot lately as it dawns on me that it's been nearly a year.  I keep thinking that you'd be proud of me.  Mr. F and I have about a dozen callings between the two of us.  One of mine is to be the chorister during sacrament meeting.  I feel you with me often when I'm conducting, sensing your pride that I'm using one of the talents you shared with me to help build the kingdom.  Oh, Nana, Thank you for loving the gospel.  I never realized what a treasure your testimony really was until you were gone.  I've begun a project inspired by you.  If Fern lets you free from canasta for a few minutes, do you think you could help me out every now and then?  I don't think you're done teaching me.  I love you, 


Dear Mor Mor, 

Have I told you how much Cyprus reminds me of being at your place?  There aren't nearly as many thrift stores, but I'm discovering some really cool museums.  The way the grass changes on the mountains really reminds me of your neighborhood.  I've been painting a lot recently and keep thinking of you.  You were the first person I ever sold a piece to.  I don't think I'll ever forget that and how it has motivated me to keep moving forward.  You saw something early on in my art that I think I still struggle to see.  Thank you for your confidence in me.  I love you dearly, 


Dear Dot, 

I miss your stories!  Can you come help me decorate my apartment?  After seeing you in September, I can't get grey walls out of my head!  I've made a few friends here from the South and there's been a good deal of talk about grits and butter which makes me smile and think of you!   I love you Nana!


To the Nurse:

I really admire you.  You and Viddy are such a good combo and are so supportive of one another.  I admire your determination to become a nurse practitioner.  Plus you're doing all of this with Lulu! (Who's stinkin' cute, by the way.)  Thanks for being such a good friend and surrogate sister to me.  



I lucked out in the mother-in-law department.  Like, really lucked out.  You're just the best!  Do you know how I know that?  Mr. F tells me every day.  He treats me really well because of you and has these crazy wonderful aspirations because you taught him how to dream.  I love learning how to cook from you long distance and that you call after you're done with seminary.  I really admire how even tempered you are.  You don't let things phase you, you just roll with them.  I'm trying to learn from that example.  Thank you for sharing your son with me.  I can't WAIT to see you next month!  As David says, "You da best."



p.s. should we go to the quilt store or the beach first?  


Technology rocks if for no reason other than I still get to talk to you twenty times a day.  I get to be on the phone with you while you order at Macadocious (one large diet coke, light ice, please!) or while I'm figuring out how to get a stain out of a shirt.  I love how much smaller the world seems and how much nearer you, Nonny, and home seem through our infinite conversations.  Elder Holland said in this last Conference that it's a great blessing indeed for a man to count his own children among his dearest friends.  You are definitely that for me.  I so value our camaraderie developed over the years as well as the sage like wisdom and unconditional love I am privy to as your daughter.  You tell me often that you feel like you and Nonny lucked out to get kids like The Stud and me.  Well, I think we're the ones who lucked out.  Big time!  Jag älskar dig!



p.s. just keep swimming...

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