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Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Many moon ago, little kindergartener me had mind blowing headaches, which led to a trip to the pediatrician, which led to an optometrist, which led to cobalt blue frames twice the size of my itty bitty face.  I wanted red.  My friend had red glasses.  They were cool!  I was stuck with blue.  But blue made my eyes pop.  

Ever since then, I have worn glasses.  Never, ever, ever, EVER contacts.  Those require upkeep, those little dishes, and sticking my finger in my eye.  No way. Not happening. I have had my last pair of glasses since before I moved to Brussels.  Like picked them up, grabbed my bag, and ran to catch a plane.  A great many things have happened since then, but I held on to those glasses as long as I could.  They were cool! I put those glasses on and loved the way I looked.  To anyone who has ever worn spectacles, you know how blessed that feeling is.  But the screws that held them together would not be kept in their sockets any longer.

Enter really cool, mildly hipster, inspired me to buy a black and white striped tee glasses.  I picked them up on Friday and have scarcely taken them off since.  I feel chic, sophisticated, trendy, quirky, and (dare I say...) sexy in them.  These glasses are my new favorite accessory.  Is it possible for spectacles to make your hair look more sleek or your eyebrows more groomed?  (And no, I didn't order rose colored lenses..)  I say this every time I get a new pair of glasses, but these are truly my favorite pair I've had so far.  Lots of smiling, lots of reading.  Lots of cool.

Totally makes up for not getting those red frames when I was five. 

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  1. These ARE super cute- totally make up for the blue glasses, lol. I wish I could see the picture in color though, ;)