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Friday, April 13, 2012

joe studly

It's The Stud's birthday.  First off, when did we get old?  Secondly, I wish I could be with him today.  We have been on opposite sides of the world for far too long. (Approximately four years...but who's counting?)   He was in Italy serving a mission, I was in Utah and Ohio.  Then he came back and I got married.  Then he moved to Utah and we moved to Europe.  Twice.  Can't some siblings catch a break!?

I've said it before and I'll say it again; I want to be as cool as my brother when I grow up.  Seriously.  No.  Seriously.  The kid just oozes cool.  And suave.  And cultured.  It's his first semester back at school in nearly FOUR years and he has a four-point.  Who does that?!  Did I mention he's also working part time?  And he's studying to be a pilot?  A PILOT!  Like, has a legitimate excuse to wear those crazy awesome aviators!  Say it with me now, I want to be as cool as The Stud when I grow up...

But really, I am constantly amazed by the capacities of his heart.  He just loves people.  Like he meets you for the first time and you've got a friend.  A rock solid, faithful till the end friend.  This guy calls me EVERY morning on his way to work at a golf course.  And if we miss a day?  He calls on the weekend to make sure he hasn't missed anything.  He constantly inspires me to be a better person and to serve God with my whole heart.  He's just a stud.  And though I highly doubt I'll ever be as cool as him, I am lucky enough to have him as my best friend.

Happy Birthday, Dude!

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