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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

wandering the ruins

It's days like Saturday that I really marvel at where we live.  Mr. F and I managed to pull ourselves away from our laziness for a few hours and drove into Paphos to check out a few of the sights.  The center and waterfront are littered with archaeological digs, ruins, and generally "old" things.

We started off at the fort keeping sentinel on the coast.  This thing is so ancient the sign inside did not indicate a date for its original creation but rather its first restoration in 1222 by the Franks (I think).  Inside was cavernous and wonderful.  I love high ceilinged stone structures.  The midday sun trickled in, giving everything a sweet yellowish tint.

After some lunch, we headed westward to the Tombs of the Kings.  Best euro-seventy each we've ever spent.  What we thought would be one hollowed out encasement presented itself as a vast park where you felt like an explorer, stumbling upon caves and relics for the first time.

We rambled the grounds, soaking in the carvings and ancient nature of everything while trotting merrily through fields of wildflowers overlooking the Mediterranean.  Bliss..total bliss.

Oh, Deep Thought, what is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

Me: These stairs are a death trap!
Mr. F: Literally.

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  1. amazing! beautiful photos of what looks to be an incredible adventure!

    love your blog!