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Monday, February 13, 2012

lightning strikes

Inspiration can land at the funniest times, don't you think?  It happened to me twice today, which I'm taking as a sign that my psyche is ready for more painting and less baking.  The first attack took place as I was cutting out brownies with a cookie cutter.  The way the heart shapes were aligning illuminated my mind and gave me a point of reference for a project I've been wanting to start for awhile.  Stay tuned for more details.

The second was, to me, far more silly.  I was taking a brief hiatus from party-prep and surfing the Old Navy website.  Clothing here in Cyprus just has not been appealing to me at all, so I find myself looking at websites often.   As I was browsing, this screen came up.

To you, it looks like a bunch of flip flops, to me it was the perfect color combination.  I grabbed my paints, measured out some paper, and went to town.  The resulting piece is exactly the burst of color and happy I've been wanting for my little home.  Best part?  It took me ten minutes.

All I did was find a frame I had lying around from IKEA.  I measured out the visible space, then used that to cut out 4 pieces of paper.  (Mine were 10cm wide and then I trimmed the length once they were all done.)  With the paper cut out, I used a wide watercolor brush and applied the paint.  

While the paint dried, I took some butcher paper and wrapped the mat that came with the frame.  When the color blocks were ready, I spaced them out on the wrapped mat, then trimmed the length.  Stuck it in the frame, then presto-change-o!  There is colorful, happy art in a pinch.  Such fun!  Now to hang it...


  1. mmm yummy. Finding color inspiration is not silly dearie! It is GENIUS. I love what you did with it. My husband thinks I'm silly because I'm obsessed with the paint colors and decor in White Collar. I'm always commenting on different things in the background when he's trying to concentrate on the storyline. :P Can't help being in love with color, I say!

    1. I've been doing the same thing with the show "Pan Am" (: