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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


A few things that have been wresting heavily on my mind lately...

Are floors incapable of staying clean?  I swear I sweep our little apartment once to twice a day and still the dust bunnies gather and accumulate with a wild vengeance!  How do they do that?

How do human beings not go bald rapidly with the amount of hair they naturally shed on a daily basis?

Why are NyQuil pill packages so confoundedly difficult to open?

Meatballs and rice pudding, how do I make them?

How is it that one day you'll be using an item and the next day it will be lost for all eternity with absolutely no explanation as to where it went?

Where do those lost things go?

Can you ever have enough underwear to stay ahead of the laundry?

How is it possible for me to get a phone call from my brother as I'm waking up and he's driving home on what is, for me, the night before?

Hair cuts really do make a difference.

For seven hours I was in a different year than my family.

You clean and clean and clean, and then there's still a mess.

How is it that my mom can get twelve cards mailed out to me before I've even opened an email?

How is it that my mom was always able to plan things ahead?

How is it that in order to make sense of all of your boxes of things, you have to buy more things?

Hot chocolate.  It's always so satisfying.

Where do all of the hours of the day go?

Why don't women realize how beautiful they are?

Books.  There is a need for them.  And for the time to read them.

How does my oven work?

Why is it that to create order you have to make a hot, smokin' mess?

The Republican Party is ridiculous.

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  1. 1. My favorite, absolute favorite rice pudding is Arroz con Leche, which means you simmer rice in twice-ish the milk with a little sugar and a cinnamon stick (or two) until it gets soft and a little gooey. The flavor is incredible, and it's like Rice Pudding for Dummies.

    2. I think a 3-week stash of underwear is the magic number for staying ahead of the laundry, but that means that while I haven't run out of underwear, I now have no clothes to wear with them.

    3. I shed more than many middle-sized animals. It is the way of things.