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Monday, January 16, 2012


So this one Monday morning, I had to go to the gynecologist.  In a foreign country.  The lady doctor is not exactly my favorite place in the world.  In fact, I put it just beneath the dentist.  Some women are fine with the experience but as for me and my body, we say, "Eh-eh." (said like Flipper, just so you know...)

Anyway, with that part of my day taken care of, I realized I needed to do something to eradicate the feeling of icky from me.  After going to the dentist, I always have Taco Bell, but that is about an hour away and decidedly not an option.  So I went for the only other girly option I had left.

I got my hair cut.

Okay, truth be told, I've had this scheduled for a little while to do both on the same day.  With one car between the two of us, I really have to schedule in my Adventures.  As I was getting my hair washed and having my back massaged by the most luxuriant chair I've ever laid in whilst having my hair washed, the striking contrast to the two main events of my day made me laugh.  What better ways to prove you're a girl than to go the lady doctor and then go get your hairs did?

Buying shoes isn't my thing, so hair it was.  

And ee-gads do I love it!  My hair was getting menacingly long.  It was tangly, strangly, and nasty.  Now it has texture, vibrance, and a whole lotta sass.  Sorry for the computer-camera grade photos, but this fun just had to be documented quickly.  You just can't tame happy.

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