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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

two thousand words

a few more images, courtesy of our photographer, my Liver. he's a photographic genius if you ask me.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

worth it

party hearty. pass out in exhausted stupor. wake up too soon. load truck. load car. trip to airport. send off Tall Guy. send off liten bil. pizza. skeleton. bed.

load more into car. leave rent-a-jail. (that's a whole story in itself) pick up the Stud. hug mum goodbye. hit the road

through rolling west virginia mountains. purple branches. budding branches. spring is coming.get gas. virginia. steep hills. hope truck doesn't run out of gas. blue ridge mountains. valley farms. trees. forests everywhere. fewer hills. lilacs! north carolina. pull up to Nana's house. hug everyone. cheerwine. southern bar-b-que. crash.

wake up too soon. pack up kitchen. throw out entire contents of pantry. pods arrive. happy uncle. twelve sets of measuring cups. wrap up artwork. bubble wrap. north carolina sunshine. work in bathing suits. fun shops. pasta. toys! pinkberry. want to move to charlotte. pass out.

why am i awake? pack. bubble wrap. ups store for more bubble wrap and boxes. wrap six glass table tops. back to ups store for bubble wrap. they ask for me not to come back. pack Nana's closet. learn some family secrets. realize once and for all we're in the south. go buy more boxes. pray we don't need bubble wrap. men arrive. load pods. boys shimmy and arrange. climb in rafters. lots of santas. unload truck. load truck. we have furniture! close up truck and pods. shower and discover cuts all over body. pinkberry. pass out in drunken stupor.

seriously, consciousness? boys take apart beds. sneezing. dust. ach-oooooo!!!! red eyes. boys work hard. shower to drain sinuses. bruise on head from climbing. load more into pods and truck. load car. hug everyone. drive to raleigh with the Stud. get lost in chapel hill. drop off at airport. pretend not to cry. girl bonding time with the nurse. target run. cheerwine. milkshakes. gluten free awesomeness. pass out.

wake up. where's my husband? hug Nurse. enough with the goodbyes! hop in car and drive like a crazy person to get to him. two hours of sheet rain in south carolina. marsh waterways in savannah, georgia. FLORIDA! wait! where is I-95 going? recognizing locations. cape canaveral. my exit. my driveway. my husband. best hug ever. steak waiting. sunset. i have a home.

wake up. phone beeping. Czech Mom. Uncle in hospital. Dad on call. unload car. unload truck. find storage unit. need more space. unload more. creepy smoker guys. unload dresser. drop off truck. buy groceries. realize they're for Easter dinner. realize the next day is Easter. eat pizza while watching disney channel movie. crispy from sunburn. (who knew you could get a sunburn from unloading a truck!?) sleep..... sleep.

shower off sunburn smell. discover new bruise. watch Easter Parade. visit Uncle for a few hours. try to make him more comfortable. nausea. (not from Uncle) ocean. tums. sound of music. Easter dinner. family in foyer. open mound of wedding presents. clean up mess. cringe at the sight of more boxes. Czech Mom back to hospital. boys play risk. take over the world. catch up. sleep........

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

sofa moment

It just hit. The quintessential moment in realizing that a major life change is happening. More specifically, a move.

I'm moving.

There, I said it. Does that make it more real? Nope. What does?

The sofa moment.

Two years ago, the cruel reality of moving cross country and leaving behind an established network of friends and family came when I sold my sofa. I watched somebody else come into my home and take it away. The sofa was not mine. The home was not mine. I was leaving.

While my belongings have been packed away and in storage for nearly a month now, I only had the sofa moment this evening as I said goodbye to co-workers for the last time. No more books to check in. No more storytimes. I have made some wonderful friends here in Columbus, a city I never expected to live in. Now, I'm leaving and it's extremely bittersweet.

One more move. More road trips. More packing, and a whole lot of adventures yet to come.

Best part?

This time, I'm not braving the unknown alone.

Florida, here we come!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Friday, April 01, 2011

mrs. darcy

In all of the Jane Austen novels and films, I've always taken note of the easy cultural transition English society made from leaving behind a single status to married. The day after a wedding, everyone makes inquiries about so-and-so's husband. How natural the morphing from Miss Bennett to Mrs. Darcy is.

With all of my Austen training, I am not having such success. I cannot legally change my name until the arrival of our marriage certificate. Can't change my name on my license. On my bank accounts. Even my student loans are on hold. The day after we got married, someone asked me about my husband and my instictive reaction was to say, "I don't have a husband, I have a Czechoslovakian!" Luckily I realized before I opened my mouth that the Czechoslovakian is my husband.

All of my identity crises aside, I would like to share a conversation the Czech had with his mom the other day. It pretty much sums up how I feel about this most recent change in my life.

Mom: How does it feel being married?
Czech: Great! I love it!
Mom: Really?
Czech: Yeah! It's the best! I think everyone should get married! It's the best idea ever!

I most definitely agree.

As a side note, I've had technological difficulties up the wazoo and a wedding to plan, all of which have impeded on blogging time. However, I'm hoping to add the story of the wedding soon, pictures when I get them, and tidbits about the fun new adventures coming up.

Hint: I'm moving! Again. Luckily I don't have to get rid of the awesomest ever sofa again. That was brutal.