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Friday, November 25, 2011

why i love going to fast food places on thanksgiving

{McDonald's drive-thru in Nicosia after gorging on a surprisingly delicious first Thanksgiving meal together.}

Voice on Intercom: something in Greek.

Mr. F: Um, yes, hello!  Just one minute please.

VOI: Huhlo, you want cheeseburger?

Mr. F: No, just give us a sec.

VOI: Two cheeseburgers?

Mr. F: NO! No cheeseburgers.  Just a medium Coke.

{three chicken sandwiches appear on monitor.}

Mr. F:  NO!  No chicken! No cheeseburgers!  Just Coke!

VOI: Uh...please wait.

Second Voice on Intercom:  Hello?  You wanted cheeseburgers?

Mr. F:  No, no we didn't.  We just want a medium Coke and a caramel sundae.

{desired items appear on screen, sandwiches taken off, but a large fry appears.}

2VOI:  Okay, so you want one coke, one sundae, and one fry?

Mr. F: No!  No fry!  Just the Coke and sundae!

{fry disappears but ketchup shows up on screen.}

Mr. F:  No ketchup! 

{ketchup disappears and order looks fine.}

Mr. F: YES!  That's it!

2VOI: Dat will be free euro firty at the first window.

{pull around to first window and pay while laughing relentlessly.  pick up order at next window and amazingly, it's correct.}

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  1. Hey, sometimes that happens here in America too! I guess McDonald's is internationally consistent.