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Thursday, November 10, 2011


I'm having a meh week.  I feel meh.  React meh.  Emit meh.


Nothing horrible has happened.  Well, besides loosing my camera pouch with the extra memory card at the EXACT moment the old memory card fills up.  And the wireless not working.  

Other than that, nothing has happened.  In fact, it's been an awesome week.  Awesome people are helping me brainstorm how to sell my art so we can make some extra money.  (Making extra money is even harder when you can't just go out looking for a retail job...dang work permits...)  I have contacts for a few galleries, and the IT guy from Mr. F's office is tracking down a sa-weet printer/scanner for us so I can make prints and sell them and say, "Take THAT work permits!"  And my nice landlady wants to go out for a coffee (I drink hot chocolate) and my new nice friend gave me acrylic paints to paint my desk with and I got boxes for super cheap at IKEA and I made soup for the first time and I got to go see the farm country surrounding Nicosia and the rain season is coming and my husband opens the door for me and does the dishes and smiles and kisses me even though I've been ornery and irritable and it's not his fault.

I have no reason to be meh.  But meh it is.  I hate meh.

On the upside, I'm pretty sure cupcakes were created as a remedy to meh.   I need to find a cupcake, stat!

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  1. Mrs., that is awesome! You are an amazing artist, I'm sure you will have a lot of success. I've had a meh week too. I guess I better go get a cupcake too. Love you!