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Saturday, October 22, 2011

it's science

This is Mr. F on date night.  He went and got us ice cream, ate his share while I talked to my mum, then locked himself in our room.  I came in to find him putting together our new desk.

"I get why IKEA is so popular!"

"Because it's cheap?'

"No! It's like Legos for adults! Have you seen these directions?  This is awesome!"

I really like this guy a lot.

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  1. WOOOOOOW I am si=ooo happy for you. I just cought up on all your posts. You make for really fun reading. I am randomly and excitedly quoting you to Steve while he is pretending to listen and watching the MSU vs Wisconsin game. He has only jumped up and down 3 times so far. ANNNYWAY I can not get Julie Andrews song out of my head now ( at least it got where in the world is Carmen sandiego out of my head. I'm just so happy for you and cant wait to hear more. All my love! Lara