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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

what i wore today

As Mr. F left for work this morning, he whispered into my groggy ears, "You could have story times for toddlers once a week in Cyprus."  Somehow I was conscious enough to recognize this suggestion, the latest in a long list of ways Mr. F has been finding ways for me to utilize my talents.  We have been discussing this a lot as our budget in Cyprus is going to be rather tight and we don't yet know if I will be able to work.  The common thought has been hosting weekly art classes for little ones.  Teaching them about colors, shapes, and a bit about some major artists through history.

Well, since I decided that today was definitely the day I avoided packing for our triumphant two week return to Amrika, I hit the interweb to see what I could find by way of lesson plans and project ideas.  There were some really great sources out there, but I'm still hunting for the right "thing."  Anyway, during my search, I stumbled upon this and, well, fell in love.  Immediately my muse spoke to me and I grabbed my sketchbook.  I wanted to draw what I was wearing today.

My family will probably see this and laugh because they know that this is, in fact, what I wear every day, not just today.  But still!  A fun project for the afternoon!  Plus it somehow motivated me to start making piles for suitcases and get some final loads of laundry going.

Do you have any suggestions for teaching art to children?  I'm thinking this could be a really fun adventure!

p.s. Can someone teach me how to take better photos of my artwork pleeeeease?  There's got to be a better way to do this, even with a point and shoot.  


  1. Nice socks! Love those things! I especially love wearing them over my leggings or skinny jeans!

  2. It looks a little dark so shoot a little closer to a window and have a blank white posterboard, paper, sheet opposite the window to reflect even more light.
    Kudos for getting dressed- I have dropped Caitlin off for school in my pajamas all this week.
    Love hearing about your adventures but kind of sad that you have to choke down all this new stuff on your plate.

  3. A little thought from my experiences. . . .I taught preschool for a little bit before I had kids, and when we would do art we (as the teachers) would do the whole simple art project first. We would show them step by step how to do it using the correct art supplies and the correct way/steps. Then we would put it up in front for them to see. After showing them how to do it we would give them the supplies they needed in order and in a step by step process until the project was done. It did not always get done correctly, but they felt a sense of accomplishment because it mostly turned out like the teachers and it didn't seem overwhelming. We rarely got the "I Can't do it" attitude. It also helped that we had art projects with a lot of animals and objects using basic shapes as the first part of the bodies and picture. My biggest advice, only give them the art supply they need to finish the step you want them to. It gets confusing and overwhelming to have everything laid out in front of them that they will need to finish the whole project. Unless, of course you want them just to be creative and make whatever they want. (I hope this all made sense) What a fun adventure you are starting!! Good luck!! Love you