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Thursday, June 30, 2011

two-thirty in the German morning

after many, many hours of The West Wing, North and South, talking, staring at the ceiling, and ipad games, we both resorted to our respective ipods. The Czech listens to music and reads a book, I listen to Harry Potter and stare at the darkness.

Me: Are you awake?
Czech: Yes...
Me: Let's have four kids-
C: WHAT!??!
M: Wait a minute. Let's have four kids so we can differentiate them by the four houses at Hogwarts. Ya know, when they do something good we can say, "Ten points to Hufflepuff," and when they're bad, "Ten points from Ravenclaw."
C: Man, our Slitherin child is gonna be screwed!

five minutes later, poking the Czech, who has his headphones back on.

M: Hey! I'm talking to you!
C: (taking off headphones) What?
M: Do think Felix Felicis is the wizarding equivalent to Heroin?
C: Why the hell are you still awake?
C: Sadly, I think you're onto something there.
M: I know! It's like acid for a wizard!
C: Go to sleep.

jet lag is not our friend.

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  1. Hahaha. I'm sorry you are jet lagged, but thanks for letting us have a giggle :P