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Monday, June 06, 2011

the death of limbo

For one who has such a strange disdain for technology like I do, it sure has proven to be beneficial. It keeps me in touch with family. Allowed me to type up papers and research with ease during college. Gives me directions and alerts me to promising sales. To top it off, this is the second time in my life technology has alerted me to and given me the chance to live abroad.

We're moving to Germany.

The Czech has been offered an internship with an international company based in DΓΌsseldorf via a guy I knew while I lived in Belgium. We learned about this opportunity about a week and change ago, were offered the internship on Wednesday and decided last night. Praying, fasting, and temple attendance were huge contributors to the Czech and I being secure in this decision.

We leave in a little under three weeks during the middle of the Czech family reunion. I'm overwhelmed and astonished by how suddenly our lives will be changing. One day, we will be with twenty or more members of the Czech clan. The next? Struggling with umlauts on a different continent.

I was blessed this morning to receive messages from two dear friends of mine who are European natives, both of whom assured me of their willingness to help in this transition, and the promise of visits. The one friend will live not twenty minutes away from us in Germany. So we'll be leaving one family reunion just in time for another one to start.

In the meantime, let the list tackling commence!


  1. This sounds right up your alley. I know you will enjoy it! Good luck

  2. Holy moly! We just got internet and I am catching up on friends. Germany! How exciting! Sounds like such a grand adventure - I can't wait to hear about it! How long is the internship?