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Sunday, May 29, 2011

life, as we know it

we're job hunting
and newlyweds.

it's an adventure, to say the very least.

the Czech graduated the week we got married and is now facing the world of "AHHHH!!!! I NEED A JOB!!!!!"

in fact, that's why we're in Florida. to save money and find a job. the former (believe it or not) is working far better than the latter thanks to the ever-so-generous hospitality of the Czech's parents.

I'm slowly but surely reaching that point though. the point of wanting a house. this is due in large part to a blog I recently stumbled upon, full of all of these incredible ideas of how to decorate your house on a budget.

we're in limbo. holding. cows grazing in the field. waiting...waiting....searching...waiting....

what I keep forgetting though, is that life keeps moving. this last week I had a staggering reminder of how little control over events.

late Thursday night, after a day that can only be described as blech, I received a call from mum. she wanted to tell me that my grandmother's health was fading fast and would probably be gone within a few days. this news made me dread my phone ringing.

imagine my alarm when I was jolted awake early Friday morning by the sound of my phone beside my bed. it was a text from the Nurse. "my water broke! on the way to the hospital...it's baby time!!" sweet lulu came Friday afternoon. we're still awaiting news on my grandmother.

so we keep job hunting. my phone keeps ringing. baby pictures. updates on grandmother.

limbo is such a strange place, isn't it?

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  1. Pretty sure you couldn't have picked a prettier place to be in limbo though. This is me in RAINY RAINY (did I mention it's rained every day in the past forever) Utah looking at your previous post and trying not to be jealous. And you are in limbo with the one you love, which is basically the best in the world. But I am really sorry about your Grandma.