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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

sofa moment

It just hit. The quintessential moment in realizing that a major life change is happening. More specifically, a move.

I'm moving.

There, I said it. Does that make it more real? Nope. What does?

The sofa moment.

Two years ago, the cruel reality of moving cross country and leaving behind an established network of friends and family came when I sold my sofa. I watched somebody else come into my home and take it away. The sofa was not mine. The home was not mine. I was leaving.

While my belongings have been packed away and in storage for nearly a month now, I only had the sofa moment this evening as I said goodbye to co-workers for the last time. No more books to check in. No more storytimes. I have made some wonderful friends here in Columbus, a city I never expected to live in. Now, I'm leaving and it's extremely bittersweet.

One more move. More road trips. More packing, and a whole lot of adventures yet to come.

Best part?

This time, I'm not braving the unknown alone.

Florida, here we come!

1 comment:

  1. Isn't being married the best! Florida eh? I just might have to come visit you guys! :)