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Sunday, February 21, 2010

retail therapy

Saturday afternoon I worked at my retail job. I'm employed by a high-end women's clothing store, catered towards working women in need of attire more formal than a pair of jeans. It is customary for me to put together outfits for interviews and special events for clients as they come in. Yesterday was no exception to this, but the nature of the cases will forever engrain the day in my mind.

My shift began midday, and when I got there, the store was packed to the gills with swarming customers. I jumped right in to help alleviate some of the stress on my coworkers. The first client I worked with for the day came in looking exhausted, frustrated, and totally uninterested in the shopping she apparently needed to do. I greeted her as warmly as I could and asked if there was anything I could help her find.

"I need black," she said.

"We can do that!"

I added several items to the dress she already had in her hands and set her up in a fitting room. A few minutes later I came to check on her to find her in the dress she had picked out herself. It wasn't quite the right fit and I began making a mental list of all the other clothing options I could show her.

"I shouldn't have to be doing this," she said.

"It's alright," I reassured her, "We'll find the right dress."

And then it came out. "My best friend was murdered last week. It's her funeral I am buying this outfit for. She would have liked to see me in a dress." The tears began welling in her eyes, and I jumped into high alert. I rubbed her arm, offered my condolences, and quickly shifted to finding her the proper attire. With all of the love in my heart, I told her she wouldn't need to worry about a thing. I would bring her all of the options. All she had to do was try them on.

For the next half hour, this heart broken woman and myself pilfered through the best the store had to offer, until we found it. You know, it. The outfit. After all of the options had been tried, my new friend put on a simple black dress with a black crew neck cardigan over it. We cinched her in with a cheetah print skinny belt and the ensemble really came together when she kicked off her socks and put on the most fantastic pair of basic black patent pumps.

And then the miracle happened. She smiled. She looked at herself in the mirror and saw a beautiful woman looking back and she smiled. Though the world as she knew it was crumbling around her, she felt good for a moment.

She smiled as she left the store that evening, heavy laden with shopping bags rather than grief and burdens. And I smiled, filled with gratitude for the experience.

Friday, February 19, 2010

to do

My life has been crazy busy lately. And by lately, I mean the past couple of months in particular. I'm working two jobs, maintaining the semblance of a social life, in the midst of a new relationship, trying to fullfill church callings, get to the temple, and still maintain the basic day-to-day tasks.

It's a lot to handle for a hopeless introvert like myself.

I'm coming off of a ridiculously long day, and week for that matter. Let's put it this way. For the first month I was dating Dr. D, it was his schedule as a medical student that made it difficult for us to see or talk to one another. The past few weeks, it's been my schedule. With that in perspective, I was extremely grateful when today finally came to an end. I worked with some great clients at one job, bonded with books at the other, but my back had given out on me hours before the day had done.

When I got home, I watched a few minutes of the Olympics (my favorite pasttime!) before quickly checking some email. Waiting for me was a message from an artist I met one of my first weekends here in Columbus. I ended up buying one of her pieces and ran into her nearly a month ago now at work. She invited me to her gallery and asked me to write to her to keep our correspondence up.

I didn't do it. It's not like I didn't want to, but I just always forgot. But the fates smiled on me this evening, and she had sent me an email! What a pleasant surprise! After my weeks of neglecting certain tasks and negligence towards friends, this woman remembered me and reached out to me. Not such a bad end to a ridiculously long day...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

where's my nobel?

Snow is the reason. Not 42, not outsourcing. Snow. Snow is killing the economy. It keeps consumers away. Sucks up city budgets. Closes schools. Creates accidents. Forces me to go to work for absolutely no good reason besides a miserable excuse for a paycheck. Snow. Snow is what is killing the economy..and my back.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

in which I get excited about the future

Remember way back when I got to volunteer at the Springville Museum of Art? Those were happy days in my geeky existence. Well, the geek is back because...

I just got an internship with the OSU Urban Art Space!!

My excitement runneth o'er! I'll go in weekly, get some killer experience, and be surrounded by a bunch of incredibly talented individuals in my desired field of study. All because I sent out some emails and made myself sound a lot cooler than I really am. Little do they know...

Thursday, February 04, 2010

wind beneath my wings

In the days leading up to my examination, I got some great responses to the words "I'm taking the GRE," and I felt that some of them absolutely demanded being shared.

{Blank stare} I'm sorry....

Are you ready?

Glad I never had to take it...

If I took the GRE, you can most definitely take it.

I had a funny experience with GRE a few years back. Remind me to tell you about it, after you take the exam.

Good luck tomorrow. You will do great because you are smart and are from Michigan.

and my personal favorite....
Frown intellectually and you'll be fine.

Thank you all for your support! The week leading up to the GRE could have easily knocked me flat on my back, making exam taking virtually impossible. I am pleased to report that I did in fact PASS and that it is over!!

Monday, February 01, 2010

d day

I take the GRE in just under seventeen hours. In just under twenty-one hours, it will be over. Which occurrence do you think I'm more excited about?

All positive juju sent my way would be greatly appreciated.