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Wednesday, September 01, 2010


The following is a brief example of what stress, moving, a crazy work schedule, and hormones will do to a girl. Maybe not any girl, but definitely this one.

This morning I woke up feeling less calm and resigned to the world than usual. It took me longer to get ready and I very nearly missed breakfast at McDonald's. (I'm moving, I don't have food...) With a few minutes to spare I pulled into the drive-thru and asked if I had missed the most important meal of the day.

"No," came the voice through the intercom, "But they ran out of breakfast early today."

Bummer, but I could handle that. There was still coke. And fries. So that's what I ordered. (Feel free to attack me for being the most unhealthy person on the planet, I deserve it.)

But the fries hadn't been salted and tasted repulsive. And then...

my coke splotched on me. Not spilled, just splotched. But still! Coke and I have this overwhelming bond! How could my coke splotch on me in my delicate emotional state? It just didn't feel right or normal or safe anymore with coke splotching on me.

Needing solace in my disheveled condition, I turned on the radio and hoped for a halfway decent song that would distract me. What came on?

ONLY MY HAPPY SONG! No, truly. It's my happy song. To the point that I play it as I leave the temple because it's the only thing that encapsulates how happy the temple makes me. What song is this? Well, let me show you...

Yes, that's Chris Brown. Yes, he beat up Rihanna. But it's my happy song! Like, makes me happy when coke and the Czechoslovakian can't kind of happy song!

Except for today. When instead of rocking out and smiling like I usually do, I started to weep. Because I truly felt like Heavenly Father took pity on me and played Forever on the radio just to make me feel better and I was overwhelmed. And wept. Lame.

Stupid hormones.


  1. I'm sorry you wept but this story made me laugh. I needed that.