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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CDC alert

I'm suffering from serious A.D.D. today. This is what usually happens when I get to the gallery on Wednesdays. Why?

I sit at a computer all morning.

I'm not accustomed to this anymore. I instantly get more interested in what I could find on the world wide interweb than what I should actually be working on. Like training materials for the gallery.

So what have I been perusing today? Well, it started with this song by Sigur Ros and then morphed into an essay I feel like framing from the New York Times. It's all about how awesome young adult literature is. No surprise there, at all. But I liked having my bias supported. I took a brief break to watch giant, lolling thunderheads in the eastern sky from the sidewalk in front of the gallery. Apparently I had missed the actual storm. Sad!

Back inside and on youtube I remembered how much I loved this version of a Kings of Leon song by Tyler Hilton. So I listened to it multiple times. All while Marvin Gaye was being played on a neighboring computer.

Maybe that's the problem! I've been rocking out to Motown all day! That's why I can't focus... No, that doesn't seem right...

Anyway, after Tyler Hilton, I reconnected with friends in a truly personal fashion. I stalked their blogs. (The Nurse moved, in case you were wondering.) Then the Pioneer Woman taught me how to make berries and sweet cream. Which I really want to eat right now.

Now I'm writing a blog post and considering an NPR-inspired trek to eradicate grammatical errors.

Or I could just work.

Or listen to more Ray Charles.

Ray Charles it is.

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  1. I LOVE hearing your voice in this - you totally crack me up! :)