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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

be well..

I'm an NPR addict. I can't get enough of it. In fact, one of the highlights of recent weeks for me has to be the afternoon I made a meager donation to the local NPR station. Then heard my name over the radio a few minutes later. What this says about my level of academic geek, I'm not sure, but it's just how it is.

Every so often, I'll catch a small segment done by Garrison Keillor of A Prairie Home Companion in which he highlights literature. In fact, I'm pretty sure the segment is called The Writer's Corner or something like that. Anyway, he reads poems and gives history to the lives of certain authors and key figures in history. It's absolutley delicious stuff.

At the end of each segment, Keillor signs off with the phrase, "Be well, do good things, and keep in touch." I remember the first time I heard this because I was livid that I was driving down the interstate and unable to write it down. "Be well, do good things, and keep in touch."

Do you realize how much wisdom and how many life lessons could be learned from that little snippet? A lot!

Be well: take care of yourself, be happy, exercise, get out of the house, enjoy the sun, don't drive like a moron.

Do good things: serve. Serve. Serve. And be happy about it. Fill your time with good, worthwhile activities, not just things to pass the time. And then be happy.

Keep in touch: call Grandma. Write a letter. Talk to someone beyond a "poke" on Facebook. Read the newspaper. Write in your journal. Read the scriptures. Read a book. Go for a walk. Call a friend.

And that's just the stuff off the top of my head!

"Be well, do good things, and keep in touch."

Working on it.

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  1. I love that! I especially love your insights on it. Thanks :D